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Grayling must go!

26 July 2017

Today's Supreme Court ruling means Grayling should resign or be sacked.

Responding to news that the Supreme Court has this morning ruled the Tory government had been acting unlawfully since 2013 by charging those who are unfairly dismissed for access to employment tribunals, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes calls for Chris Grayling to be sacked from the Cabinet.

Said Cortes:

"As Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling abused his position to drive through a piece of bullying and vindictive legislation which deliberately denied the most vulnerable and often, the lowest paid workers, access to justice in the event of unfair dismissal by purposefully removing their access to legal aid.

"Unison has done a great service to workers in chasing him through the courts to hold him to account. The Supreme Court have found his actions unlawful behaviour and he is therefore simply not fit to serve in public office. He should resign forthwith from the cabinet where he is now Transport Secretary. And if he can't resign he should be sacked."


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