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Grayling's digital railway strategy is "jam tomorrow" say TSSA

10 May 2018

Responding to the government's Digital Railway Strategy launched today, TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes hit back with:

"Our union is in favour of sustained investment to ensure our economy and our people get the 21st Century railway they so richly deserve. However, whilst the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, appears to be offering jam tomorrow, passengers will be rightly asking what is he doing in the here and now to alleviate the myriad of problems they face on a daily basis. From overcrowded, clapped out trains to the highest and most complex fares in Europe, Grayling's Department for Failure, is continuously letting our traveling public down.

"In York where he is making today's announcement, its main train operator, Virgin East Coast is on the brink of bankruptcy. The Sunday Times has also reported that another four operating companies are facing the same fate. Huge sums of public money will be required to bailout this privateers. In the case of Virgin East Coast, the public purse is already forgoing £2 billion. If Grayling cared about passengers and taxpayers, the announcement he would be making today is that he was ending the failed Tory rail Frankenstein privatisation experiment."

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