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Great Western Railway: Driver/Competence Managers meeting

31 August 2016

Update on meeting with Rob Mullen and Mark Heffernan


Raising your concerns

Your TSSA representatives recently met with Rob Mullen who is now the Interim Operations Director and Mark Heffernan Deputy Operations director and Head of Drivers. We raised concerns about how the recent communication from Mark Heffernan had been implemented and how we believed this was leading to Driver & Competence managers wanting to leave the business and in some circumstances causing people to go off long term sick and also requesting to return into the Driver grade. This was due to the implementation of rosters in some depots and a reduction in the flexibility needed to effectively carry out your role.

Outputs from the meeting

· Commitments to consult and engage with TSSA on any proposed changes going forward and to meet in the next 6 weeks

· Clarification that there was no mention of the need for rosters in the email from Mark Heffernan but rather there was an expectation that there would be engagement locally on how to best achieve the specified out of hours coverage for the depot.

· Confirmation that Mark will be visiting depots to discuss his expectations going forward

· Confirmation that there is no expectation to role out 24 hours - 7 days a week working across the Driver management function

Further concerns, suggestions or questions

If you have further concerns, suggestions or questions please raise these with your reps who are:




Rod Lethbridge


Click here

Paul Fox


Click here

Sally Wiltshire


Click here

Jason Thomas


Click here

Or alternative contact the TSSA full time officer Alan Valentine (who attended the meeting with Paul & Rod) at

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