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Great Western Railway: Managers Redundancy process

2 August 2018

I'm writing to update managers on some developments within GWR but most importantly to get your feedback on recent proposals for a manager peoples process (for use during redundancies). The introduction of the new on call app and generally how you feel about the level and quality of engagement between GWR and yourselves as Management grades, please complete our survey once you've read this communication

Management peoples process

For several years TSSA has had ‘on and off’ talks with GWR’s employee relations regarding an overarching peoples process for managers for use during reorganisations. Given the recent treatment of managers by the company, the idea of an overarching process or procedure to ensure fairness and consistency of treatment seems appealing but your TSSA representatives have grave concerns on the consequences of its introduction, at least in its current form. Therefore, we must share with you its contents and ask for your feedback but ultimately, we are recommending rejection of the offer and to give us a mandate to seek fundamental improvements to the document.

Why Reject?

Fairness and consistency of treatment relies in the main on transparency. If you are in the unfortunate position of potentially losing your livelihood as a result of the company choosing to reorganise the way it carries out its work then we want you to enter that process with your eyes open and have the fundamental questions and concerns answered so that as far as possible it is smooth a process as possible. Unfortunately, some of the fundamentals are left out in this document, unlike the majority of other grades in GWR who are covered by some form of PTR&R (Promotion, Transfer, Relocation or Redundancy) process this document is silent or does not make it clear on:

· what you might receive by way of redundancy payment should the worst happen (we have been arguing as per custom and practice that this should be no less than Red Book redundancy)

· what you might receive in a scenario where your workplace location changes and you might need to consider relocating home or travel further to and from work.

Key to TSSA’s concern is the lack of confirmed Pay/Wage protection should you be rehoused into an alternative job. GWR’s expectation is that if you are moved into an alternative Management post that you move onto the rate of pay for that role despite the reality being that pay rates for those posts not being transparent or clear so by agreeing to this procedure it opens up a snakes and ladders effect with your career, why should you lose out because of their choice to change the organisation? Please support rejection of the process and help us understand your current working situation by completing this survey.

You can find the proposed peoples process here and supporting documents here: Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C, Appendix D

On call App, Manager Engagement and support

We are concerned about the lack of meaningful engagement with managers when it comes to changes in working practices and your general treatment as employees by the company. When Management collective bargaining was taken away your ability to have independent voices which had to be listened to by the company through trained and supported industrial representatives was eroded. Whilst those representatives still exist and have a wealth of experience and skills there is no-one currently able to ensure that Managers are given a voice that must be listened too without the backing of the structures of collective bargaining, except YOU! Please help us by completing the online survey above.

The recent introduction of the on-call app without any form of meaningful consultation with your Management H&S reps prior to its introduction is a grave concern for us we haven’t seen any form of risk assessment to demonstrate that even potentially minor points like the decibel levels have been risk assessed as safe. There isn’t clarity on whether more fundamental concerns of how this might impact on existing on call areas or fatigue. In essence we need your feedback to understand further what the potential issues are with this introduction and what we as your representatives should be asking for as we intend to continue to raise this as an issue with GWR and have requested a meeting at a recent Joint Safety committee meeting.

GWR has formed an opinion in respect of managers responses to the questions around whether you would recommend GWR to friends as a good place to work, whether you are proud to work for GWR or whether you enjoy your job in the ‘your voice’ survey that Management engagement is at an acceptable and improved level. We want to hear from if you think that to be the case so we strongly encourage you to complete the above survey and print and share this communication with other management colleagues. Non-members should also be encouraged to join us at

Please note that we have vacant health & safety and union learning rep’s seats for all MS grades, we are also asking you to be TSSA Advocates to assist us in promoting TSSA to your management colleagues whether new to the business or not so that we can extend our influence and win back collective bargaining as only with your support can we achieve what you deserve by way of fair treatment. If you are interested or have questions on any of the above positions or subject matter of this communication, then please call Alan Valentine on 07775912829 or email him here

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