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Great Western Railway: Pay Offer and Members Vote!

6 October 2015

Latest Pay offer - Only Union members have the ability to vote and have their say please take the time to read and respond to our members voting survey.


Pay talks have been taking place and your TSSA representatives believe that we have now reached a place in the negotiations where we have achieved the best offer that can be achieved through those talks.

Great Western initially tabled a variety of options in May with a choice of single year, two year or three year pay deals which would either be:

1. A one year ‘no strings’ offer of 1%

2. A two year deal with 1.5% in the first year and February’s Retail prices index (RPI) figure in the second year

3. A three year deal with 2% in the first year and February’s RPI figure in the second and third years

We have now received a final offer of an unchanged one year deal or an improved two year deal with the headline figures as follows:

· 2% in the first year (2015) and either February 2016’s RPI figure or 2% whichever is greater in the second year

This offer includes commitment to:

· undertake steps towards harmonising the pay anniversary dates for all grades for 2017, subject to it being at no additional cost.

· continue Health Shield arrangements for the length of the pay deal.

· retaining GWR travel passes for all current and retired staff until the end of the current franchise. GWR will also made representations to ATOC to offer protected travel to all staff although any progress on this point is dependent on agreement with ATOC.

· No compulsory redundancies up to May 2017

· Review GWR’s current offerings in relation to Maternity and Paternity provisions for staff

Time for you to vote

It is now time for you to have your say on the final pay offer and you can review the full wording of the offer by clicking here or visiting our online version of this circular at

To be clear, because the one year deal on the table is in your representatives opinion inferior we believe that it is only sensible to consider the two year pay offer which is what we are asking you to vote on. Your representatives believe that this is the best offer that can be achieved and therefore we recommend that you accept it.

Please use the below link to access our online voting survey to have your say, the more responses that we receive the more assured we can be that the overall outcome is supported by our Members:

Please complete this voting survey by 13:00 on Tuesday 20 October 2015.


Remember regardless of where you work in GWR the more members TSSA have the more influential we can be to collectively improve your working lives please encourage your colleagues to join us at:

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