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Great Western Railway: Pay Rise for Managers

20 July 2016

Advice to Management members working in GWR


2016 is the last year of a 2 year pay deal which TSSA has ensured covers all Non-executive Management grade members. This means that for the vast majority of Managers whose anniversary date is 1 July (except those on Wessex contracts who have a 1 April Anniversary date) your pay packet will increase by 2% this month, representing 0.7% above February’s inflation figure. You will also have the benefit of the protection of no compulsory redundancies up until May 2017 as per the other grades. If you or your colleagues don’t notice a rise in your pay packet then please get in touch with your rep or our members helpdesk on 0800 328 2673 for advice. This especially applies to those appointed into management roles recently that may end up having a pay differential with their colleagues if they don’t receive the rise.

It is unclear what the future might hold, with rumours abound that only 30% of managers will receive a Bonus payment this year and speculation about GWR’s intentions around Managers pay in the future it is clear that the only way to ensure a fair rise is through collectively increasing your base pay rise. Only by Managers joining TSSA and banding together can we be certain that you have a voice that represents you in collective talks in the future. Some members have raised concerns that GWR may seek to implement Performance Related Pay (PRP). PRP may seem attractive to some but has proved time and time again to be discriminatory and divisive where it has been implemented elsewhere, especially where there are controls over the numbers of staff who can receive particular markings, there is also limited proof of it increasing productivity. Only recently the Ministry of Defence has decided to scrap its highly controversial Performance management scheme for these reasons.

As a result of the company removing collective bargaining for managers it is unclear what the future might hold, which is why we need your support in helping us encourage your colleagues to join TSSA. Since GWR increased the numbers of management posts and denied TSSA access to them to encourage them to join, membership didn’t increase in line with the pace of jobs growth. Only if we increase our membership density can we be assured of winning back collective bargaining but we need your help to do this! It is ironic that GWR now looks to be freezing and not filling vacancies which will create increasing pressures for you to be able to do your job!

Why Should I encourage colleagues to join?

Your colleagues who join and get active within TSSA help you, they can inform those who negotiate and consult on your behalf to the real issues on the ground and make us all stronger. Even without Collective bargaining there is still the ability for TSSA to influence GWR in the way it treats its Management staff as proved by our involvement in the current Engineering reorganisation where we have won improvements in both the voluntary severance scheme and the pay protections for Management grades.

We’ve also recently been involved with an initiative involving GWR and the RSSB on improving manager’s health & wellbeing and are in discussions around a Peoples process which should underpin the processes for handling any reorganisations for managers in the future. Other reasons to join are:

· TSSA is still the Union for Managers, regardless of whether we have collective bargaining rights or not we will champion your issues with GWR!

· TSSA has trained reps and staff experienced in dealing with the issues that impact on Managers in GWR both individually and collectively

· TSSA can support if you need to raise and employment tribunal which ordinarily you would have to pay fees to lodge a claim

· TSSA has access to specialist legal advice with experience of the railway industry

I want to help!

If you want to assist in growing TSSA influence and membership then get involved today by contacting your local rep or Alan Valentine on 07775912829 or via email by clicking here 

You can assist by:

· speaking to colleagues, discussing the current issues and encouraging them to join us (

· Sharing union literature with colleagues or on notice boards

· Considering representing you colleagues as a rep, learning rep or Health & Safety rep

Please also remember that it is illegal for your employer to seek to persuade you to end your trade union membership or to dissuade staff from joining or taking part in trade union activities so if you are aware of instances where this is happening then please report these to Alan Valentine in confidence, if you are worried about your employer knowing about you being a trade union member then you can pay via direct debit rather than paying via your payroll.

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