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Great Western Railway: Redundancy by Duress

9 March 2018

TSSA has heard reports of managers being bullied into being made redundant, with no collective consultation to prevent or mitigate those redundancies and underhand tactics being used to force people out. We have written to the interim HR Director setting out the need for urgent action to stop these potentially unlawful and discriminatory acts.

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We understand that over one hundred managers may be hit by this latest cull. Mark Hopwood (Managing Director of GWR) has sent a very vague ‘fastline’ communication in a vain attempt to ameliorate the situation whilst individuals are forced to languish at home on gardening leave.

Bully boy tactics


Managers have been brought into meetings without notice or right to representation, told that they are having a ‘without prejudice’ conversation, that they will be made redundant, blocked from applying for suitable alternative roles due to ‘vacancy freezes’ and that they will have to sign a settlement agreement.


Putting people under duress undermines and negates the protection that Great Western is relying upon for secret ‘without prejudice’ conversations. Members would be ill advised to agree to anything without first taking advice from TSSA.


Great Western is legally and morally obliged to hold collective consultation to explain their rationale for the cuts and to consider counter proposals to avoid or reduce redundancies. They should facilitate a process to give staff who want to stay suitable alternative roles or a substantial enhanced package to those that wish to leave.


Our advice to those affected is don’t agree to or sign anything without first seeking advice from TSSA (even if you are happy to go) call our helpdesk on 0800 3282673 or


  • Would you want to be treated this way?
  • Do you believe it is right to work under a climate of fear?
  • Can you trust Great Western to stop here?
  • For those of you left how will this affect your workloads, your morale and your mental wellbeing?


Be a part of trade union that has your interests at heart and encourage your colleagues to join TSSA at and see the email we sent to the Interim HR Director HERE


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