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Great Western Railway: Redundancy by Duress Update

22 March 2018

Further to the recent communication that was sent out to members we wanted to update you to clarify that we have receive a communication from HR, albeit 8 days after sending an urgent email to seek a common-sense approach!


The response essentially does not give us any joy or assurances that some form of consultation will occur or any opportunity for those impacted to have an opportunity to apply for alternative jobs within GWR.

What we can say is that because TSSA acted quickly we have at least been in a position to support and advise members and put them in contact with the TSSA solicitors Morrish’s in order to protect their individual interests. TSSA and Morrish’s combined experience in both terms of the railways industry and the types and variances of contracts that employees of GWR work under have been invaluable in the circumstances. As you may appreciate it is difficult to say more given the nature of how GWR has chosen to deal with this situation as we do not want to compromise individual’s positions.

It does bring into stark reality the need for us to increase the leverage that we have for Managers working for GWR to join TSSA as the most appropriate union to advise support and represent them. Indeed, it appears that the vast majority of those impacted by this latest cull were regrettably not in union membership and therefore have not been able to avail themselves of that specialist knowledge and experience.

If every management member were to recruit one other colleagues to TSSA it would make winning a statutory claim to bargain collectively on managers behalf that much easier. In recent weeks many have chosen to join, recognising the merits of being part of the TSSA family but we need many more to join to make lodging a statutory claim for recognition viable without risking being entirely frozen out of the process for 3 years. We are again making representations on behalf of managers for them to receive the same pay offer as all the other grades, which for 2018 should be 3.6% based on February RPI.

Please encourage your colleagues to join us at and print and leave out this circular for colleagues to read why they should join.


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