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Great Western Railway: Representation for HQ Clerical roles

1 July 2016

TSSA have been seeking to improve how you are represented within Great Western Railways, help us help you by reading on and responding to our survey


Unlike other grades those in clerical roles in what may be termed ‘HQ clerical roles’ do not have what is called a divisional council to represent them. This has led to democratic deficit within your grade which TSSA wants to address. We have requested that GWR set up an HQ clerical divisional council be set up to represent your views to address your issues but unfortunately the company has turned us down on this request although they will be reviewing the situation over the next 6 months and we have asked them to explore other options to ensure that you have a voice within the company in the meantime rather than wait for any progress to be made we felt it right and proper to update you and ask for your input.

This is why we need your help in two ways:

1. We need your feedback on the issues that impact on you so we are asking that you complete our survey by 25 July, which you can access online here

2. Finding members willing to represent your grade locally and potentially higher up the company as well. We would like to get one rep in each workplace where there are HQ clerical grades and also we have one vacant seat in the company council which we could allocate to your grade in order to ensure that you have a voice at the highest negotiating level within the company.

If you are interested in representing your colleagues or have any feedback or questions on this circular or the survey then please contact Alan Valentine via email here

If you are no longer in a clerical role then you may need to update us with your up to date information you can do this by contacting us on 0800 328 2673

We would also ask that where possible you print this notice and put it up on a noticeboard in your workplace. If you are reading this and not a member of TSSA then you can join us online at

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