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Great Western Railway: Stations Efficiency Savings

18 July 2016

Update for TSSA members in Stations grades on Management proposals to review efficiency savings


At the last Stations Divisional council meeting Management outlined that due to GWR finding the current financial situation as challenging that they would be asking Stations managers to review current rosters to see if there are any business efficiencies that can be found. They have made clear that they do not intend on making any redundancies but are looking at where there are vacancies to see if the roster can be recast to cover the work with less people in the roster but still retain a line for any vacancies so that they are carried going forward but unfilled in the interim.

Questions were raised around safety critical work and the company gave assurances that safety would not be compromised. Although they will be planning on reviewing all areas of stations and there has already been some work on reviewing gate line operations. They have made clear that a review doesn’t mean an automatic change.

Their intention is to consult any reviews locally although we have asked for there to be some oversight from the divisional council even on a regional basis although we await a response on that request. We are obviously concerned about the impact this will have on your working lives and work life balance.

This is why it is important for us to fill any local stations representative seats that remain vacant; it is vital that we get people in place in order to ensure that your views are taken on board in any review. You will receive support and guidance from the divisional council and Alan Valentine TSSA Full Time Officer. A list of the vacancies those that are eligible for TSSA members to stand are as follows:

Kennet & Thames Valley Sales offices (S6, S9 & S10) x 1 vacancy

Didcot Sales office (CSA, CSS) x 1 vacancy

Oxford Sales office (S9, S10) x 2 vacancies

North Cotswolds Area Sales office (S6) x 1 Vacancy

Wiltshire Stations (S6, S9, S10) x 1 Vacancy

We haven’t had an update for some time from the company on other vacancies in the Central area (as it is their responsibility to run elections) and so there may also be local vacancies at the following locations:

Bristol Parkway Sales (CSA, CSS) x 1 Vacancy

Bath Spa Sales (CSA, CSS) x 1 Vacancy

Swindon Ticket office (CSA, CSS) x 1 Vacancy

Chippenham Sales office (CSA, CSS) x 1 vacancy

If you are interested in filling a role, being co-opted into the role temporarily or know someone who might be then please contact Alan Valentine via email by clicking here or call him on 07775912829

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback on the proposals then please contact your Divisional council reps -

Your TSSA Divisional council reps are:

Tony Price – 07985 334 254 (Based in Gloucester)

Andrew Hook – 07796 614 493 (Based in Truro)

Terry Roberts – 07837 551 718 (Based in Ealing Broadway)

We would also ask that where possible you print this notice and put it up on a noticeboard in your workplace.

If you are reading this and not a member of TSSA then you can join us online at

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