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Great Western Railway: TSSA Members Accept 2 year pay deal!

26 October 2015

You have had your say and you overwhelmingly accepted the pay deal but make sure your colleagues have a voice both now and in the future and encourage them to join TSSA today!


TSSA has written to Great Western Railways (GWR) advising that our members voted to accept the two year pay offer as follows:

TSSA Members voting to accept the offer – 99%

TSSA Members voting to reject the offer – 1%

Assuming all of the other trade unions accept the offer then GWR will make arrangements to increase your pay by 2% in November’s pay packet and make arrangements for any back pay to be included in that wage. If this is delayed for any reason then we will advise you accordingly.

I’m a manager what happens to me?

GWR have confirmed that this pay agreement covers all staff including management grades. Due to the removal of collective bargaining for Managers TSSA requested that each individual Manager be written to outlining the pay award and confirming that it is contractual but they declined. Instead they will write out to staff in a fastline to confirm that managers are covered by the deal. We would advise you to store that fastline somewhere safe so that you have proof that you are covered by the pay agreement in case anything happens in the future.

We are still unclear what will happen in relation to pay awards for managers after this 2 year deal but GWR have advised that this will be the last time that Managers are included in those collective pay talks. This could potentially mean that GWR decides to negotiate individually with every manager in future or some other alternative. TSSA would prefer to bargain collectively on behalf of all managers to ensure that there is a collective voice ensuring the best possible and fairest deal for ALL managers not just those that are good at individually negotiating, for that to happen we need more managers to join us!

Ultimately the best way to ensure that you all have a strong voice within GWR is to encourage your colleagues to join TSSA at

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