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Great Western Railway: Union Learning rep Vacancies

1 February 2018

2 TSSA positions have become vacant for Union Learning representatives. To be eligible all you need to be is a TSSA member of any grade (excluding Executive grade), with more than 6 monthsÂ’ service with Great Western Railway.


What do we need?

We are looking for people who are interested and passionate about the development of learning opportunities for colleagues. You will be a champion of TSSA members’ lifelong learning opportunities to ensure that there are equal opportunities and access to learning. There are exciting opportunities with the introduction of the government apprenticeship levy that allows companies to draw down funding for apprenticeship type learning that is open to existing staff.

How does it work?

There is an overarching Learning agreement (which you can access by clicking here:   GWR Learning Agreement) with GWR that allows us to recruit Union Learning representatives, ULR’s receive paid time off to carry out their duties. Each Trade union has the ability to send one of their Union Learning representatives (Lead ULR) to GWR Learning Forum meetings to negotiate and discuss what is happening on a company wide basis in relation to learning.

How do I Apply?

First, we need you to complete a nomination form that can be obtained by clicking here: GWR Union Learning Representative Nomination form, you will also need to get fellow TSSA members to nominate you to stand. Please do this by 12 noon on Monday 19 February. The best way to send this is to scan it and email it to Alan Valentine by clicking here If you have any questions then please call Alan on 07775912829

If you have colleagues, new or old that aren’t a member of a trade union then please encourage them to join TSSA at

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