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Greater Anglia gives away East Anglian jobs to Scotland

8 September 2017

I regret to inform our members working in the Norwich contact centre that their employer intends to shut down the contact centre and transfer the work to Scotland. There has been a shift in the business whereby previously hard to come by jobs will be ripped away from the good hard-working folk of East Anglia.

Sadly, I have received information that 30 positions will be lost and therefore 30 families will be affected by the cuts. I am sure that there will be a process of consultation however it may be hard to impress upon the company the need to retain these roles in Norwich. It seems that they have already made up their mind.
The TSSA is horrified by the need to remove local jobs in order to maximise profits for Greater Anglia shareholders. It is sickening to the ordinary person in the street to think that our Government endorses such actions and agrees in advance with the Railway Operator cuts in services and jobs. Then they have the gall to make you pay even more for travel on their services. It seems that Greater Anglia have a truly voracious appetite for public money and little or no care for the jobs of the individuals who create the profit.
The TSSA’s General Secretary, Manuel Cortes will be writing in the strongest possible terms to Jamie Burles the Managing Director, protesting at the loss of jobs, and stating quite clearly that in our view, they should remain
Noting how sneaky Greater Anglia can be about such things it now seems that there may have been more to the story regarding booking office closures than meets the eye. New information suggests that Greater Anglia intends to break the spirit of its employees by closing booking offices in another wave of closures. Employees hoping for some longevity in a role had better ensure a transfer to one of the larger stations whilst the others are systematically closed.
We deeply regret that we must be the bearer of bad news but it is worse to not know.

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