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Greater Anglia: Removal of work from Norwich Contact Centre

2 October 2017

Norwich Contact Centre employees must be delighted that Andrew Goodrum has been down to discuss with employees the fact that there is no truth to the TSSA’s announcement on job cuts. Regardless of what you may have been told, changes are on the horizon and even if Greater Anglia will not divulge their true intentions we can inform members of the facts.

Greater Anglia messed up their original bid for the franchise. If I was to tell you how, you will only get another visit from Mr Goodrum; but in order to restore their profits they are messing with staff’s livelihoods and staff and passenger services which will be worsened in order to satisfy their profit making. Profits that are destined for the Dutch National Rail Organisation.
Wave after wave of job losses are on the horizon in order to meet Greater Anglia’s hunger for money, and sadly it is the passengers and cuts in staff that are underwriting the cost. The TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes has written in the strongest possible terms to the CEO Jamie Burles. We shall share that response once we get it.
Meanwhile we remain open to discussing job losses with Greater Anglia and have developed arguments that we believe may save some roles from being made redundant. Whether Greater Anglia is prepared to agree these arguments is a matter for them but it appears that if the arguments do not meet with their profit strategy we may have problems.
The TSSA is defending jobs within Greater Anglia and we are hopeful that this is something that our members will encourage. If it is not your job that is at risk today, please spare a thought for those whom will be unemployed by end of year.
Finally, we are seeking members who are prepared to put things on notice boards at various sites. If this is something that you could support TSSA members with. Contact me on .

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