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Greater Anglia Ticket Plans Scandalous Attack - Cortes

14 March 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has labelled plans by Greater Anglia to restrict access to the cheapest rail tickets a "scandalous attack on the public."

During a Retail Guidelines meeting TSSA learned of plans by Greater Anglia to restrict to online only sales of Advance Purchase and Super Off Peak tickets.

TSSA has further concerns that this move forms part of a wider assault on ticket booking offices and staffing levels by reducing the number of ticket sales that can be obtained directly at stations.

Manuel Cortes said: “Frankly this is nothing short of a scandalous attack on the travelling public. Restricting the cheapest tickets to online sales is intended to hit those older passengers and those with disabilities who may be digitally excluded.

“Our union will also resist these changes because they are tied into a real threat to staffed ticket offices. A constant erosion of work for booking office clerks will lead directly to a major reduction in staffing levels.

“Sadly, Greater Anglia are thinking of profits not public interest. We need to bring this franchise and the rest of the rail network back into public hands in order to save jobs, services and secure value for money.”

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