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Greedy rail firms hike car parking charges by 10% plus

7 January 2014

Double whammy for passengers after 3.1% hike in fares

Rip off rail firms have increased car parking charges by as much as 10% after fare rises were capped at 3.1%, the TSSA revealed today.
Union leader Manuel Cortes accused them of "daylight robbery" as passengers returning to work this week faced a double whammy hit on their wallets.
"This is little more than daylilght robbery by the private rail firms," said the union leader. "Passengers have been caught in the cross fire because bosses are determinded to get around the Government's fares cap of 3.1% and squeeze yet more money out of them.
"Passengers may have escaped the bullet of inflation plus increases last week but they have now been hit by another bullet- car parking rising three times higher than the rate of  inflation. There can be no justification for these  increases at all when wages are rising by less than 1%."
He called for car parking charges to be included in the regulated rail fares formula which is set by Ministers every January.
Firms raising car parking charges include Southern whose annual parking charges have risen by 9.3%  leaving an annual parking ticket at Haywards Heath at £1,138; Redhill, £1052; Brighton, £956 and Hove, £799. South West Trains, the biggest commuter firm, increased its daily rates by 7.5% to £7 a day.
"Some of these increases are eye watering when you think that thousands of commuters in the South East are now paying £5,000 a year for their annual season ticket," added the union leader.

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