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Green light for HS2 to release billions in investment

2 March 2012

The decision to go ahead with the long hoped-for high speed rail network for Britain has been strongly welcomed by the TSSA.

New Euston

If implemented to timetable, the plans will see the first trains running between London and Birmingham in 14 years time, extending to Manchester and Leeds seven years later. TSSA has called for the network to include lines running further north from the outset, noting the decades of catch-up required compared to many
European countries.

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said, ‘This £32 billion project will help end the North-South economic divide which has blighted the country for so long, as well as create tens of thousands of new jobs over the next 15 years.’

One consequence of the expansion of Euston station to handle the new trains – almost twice the length of the Pendolinos currently in service – will be that the

TSSA’s Walkden House may disappear under some of the ten new platforms to be constructed. However, this is far from certain and the Association will continue developing plans to cover all eventualities.


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