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GTR Pay - OBS Staff 2019 Pay Talks

22 July 2019

Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) talks are ongoing following the end of the multi-year deal in April 2019.

This will be the first time some staff will have been affected by pay talks as the last arrangements were covered in a multi-year deal. This is also the first-time On Board Supervisors (OBS) are recognised for collective bargaining purposes, and a number of issues specific to this grade have been raised by your TSSA representatives.

Due to the complexity of the GTR structure, over reaching submissions have been made to the company for general grades, and we have also completed a series of grade specific meetings for each category of staff we have recognition for.

The negotiations for pay, terms and conditions are ongoing, and grade specific demands have also been made.

A general “all-grades” meeting has been scheduled for 2

3rd July where we expect to hear an offer on the non-grade specific items. We will of course update you with details of offers as they are made, both for general grades as well as grade specific items.

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