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GTR & Southern Future GTR Franchise, HQ and Support Employees Integration

16 March 2015

TSSA and your representatives met with Southern Railway and Govia Thameslink Railway again where further clarification was sought on the principles behind the merger of management and admin support grades.


At that meeting TSSA and the reps requested that the period for notification be extended for those showing an interest in voluntary redundancy. Anyone leaving will have their payments reflected by the forthcoming pay award increases. Southern bonuses will also be paid before the end of the franchise and the Southern Share and Success scheme will close.

TSSA and the staff reps challenged GTR that we did not believe that those Identified into new positions should have to complete an application form and have an interview and, if successful, sign a new contract of employment. However, their view on this matter is that they believe this process to be an acceptable way forward. It is TSSA’s intention to seek legal advice in this regard. A selection process was also agreed with the reps for displaced staff and this would be based on competency based interviews. Whilst there is no appeal process if members are not satisfied with their score, there is the Individual Grievance procedure that can be used if an individual is not satisfied with their score. There are also some parts of the organisation that will be shifted and lifted into the new organisation.

In regard to new locations of work, I would advise members that they should seek advice from TSSA before making any decisions to decline a new work location.

The local consultation papers have been issued and some initial meetings have taken place, each function has had a lead rep and local rep allocated to the relevant consultations. All members should ensure that they raise their concerns and questions with those reps so that these can be raised during meetings. This is the opportunity for individuals to challenge things like identification and for groups of employees to submit counter proposals on establishment numbers working in departments.

TSSA recognises that this will be a period of great concern and worry to individuals and would assure you that we are here to support members and the nominated reps as included in this reorganisation, and support members if we believe they have a legal claim. There has never been a more important time to join TSSA to help us safeguard your future and employment. TSSA will support any new member through this process if they join us before 31st March 2015. Any new members after that date will, of course, be welcome but we cannot raise a legal claim on their behalf arising from this reorganisation.

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