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GTR & Southern: Future GTR Franchise, HQ and Support Employees Integration Update

28 July 2015

TSSA had a further meeting with the company to discuss the latest developments in the merger of the organisation and also met with company reps to discuss the issues that have arisen from the recent local consultations and selection processes.

At that meeting we sought clarification on the following issues:

There are still 43 employees at risk of redundancy. As yet the TSSA have not been informed who they are therefore it is essential that you contact TSSA if you are in this position. The company has agreed to extend the date of termination for all employees that have an application for positions in the pipeline, therefore I would urge all employees who wish to remain in the employment of GTR to put in applications on the closed and open vacancy lists prior to 31 July 2015.

All employees in the Management and Admin support Southern grades will TUPE transfer into GTR on 26th July 2015, even if they are leaving on voluntary redundancy.

The TSSA has requested that those leaving on voluntary redundancy and retiring (taking your pension) be dealt with in accordance like all current retirees with recognition of service given.

All current employees will remain in their current section of the railway pension scheme (Southern & GTR respectively). However new entrants will have the following applied,

· MG1-MG4 at HQ, Thameslink and Great Northern PSD, Engineering Depots at Bedford, Hornsey and Three Bridges will be entered into the GTR Section.

· MG1–MG4 Southern and Gatwick Express PSD, Engineering Depots at Brighton, Selhurst and Stewarts Lane will be entered into the Southern Section.

GTR employees in MG1-4 grades will have their annual leave year changed to January to December, instead if the current April to March. Therefore out of their current 2015-16 allocation they will get 75% of their allocation for 2015 and start a new annual leave year in January 2016. Any annual leave purchased or brought over from previous year will be added to the 2015 allocation.

Travel facilities for existing staff will continue. Those employees already retired will remain with their current travel pass, which is Southern for ex Southern employees and GTR pass for ex GTR employees. However, those retiring after the transfer on the 26thJuly 2015 will in retirement receive a GTR pass as per the current parameters to qualify.

The new HQ will be in Central London, in the Monument area, and the various office moves will occur in the Autumn 2015.

I cannot reiterate enough that TSSA members should contact us immediately for help and advice as soon as possible. The date of 31stJuly 2015, when redundancies will be applied, is getting closer and closer.

TSSA have been made aware that a number of former FCC staff who have been identified or selected into Management and Admin roles have been issued new GTR contracts on lesser terms and conditions that their former arrangements.

It is essential that members contact the TSSA helpdesk as a matter of urgency on 0800 328 2673 to discuss this. Additionally you will need to object in writing to your line manager and the Integration Team immediately (keeping a copy for your records) otherwise you may be deemed as accepting a change in your terms and conditions of employment.


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