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GTR & Southern Future GTR Franchise Reoganisation of Management and Admin grades

25 March 2015

TSSA has become aware that since the start of the consultation process there are still many outstanding issues.


These issues need to be resolved before it can be seen for this process to been seen as meaningful:

Ø The representatives are not being provided with the names of those individuals on existing organisation charts.

Ø Why those having been identified in the new organisation have to fill in an application form and be interviewed for the position?

Ø Also why those identified have to sign a new GTR contract of employment?

Ø Job descriptions have not been provided for the new positions

Ø New positions have not been evaluated under a recognised process.

Ø Terms and Conditions are disappearing from existing contracts of employment, paid overtime criteria in the existing Band D contract as well as many terms and conditions from the “Red Book” terms and conditions for example.

Ø TSSA did not expect that this reorganisation would affect management and admin grades outside the Headquarters environment, which was implied to us.

Ø No protection of pay for those displaced into roles below their current grade.

TSSA is aware that there are problems to individuals with the change of work location; our advice to members on this issue is that each specific case will stand on its own merit and each individual should ascertain advice from TSSA before making a decision in regard to their career.

Govia Thameslink Railway have stated they are not prepared to extend the date of applying for Voluntary Redundancy after 31 March 2015, we believe this is unfair on individuals as the employer has not provided details of Job Descriptions for the new roles thus limiting decision making on a new role.

TSSA met with our solicitors to get a view on whether the reorganisational changes proposed are being used to circumnavigate the protection provided by a TUPE transfer, they are examining the details of the reorganisational changes proposed by GTR, and I will inform you of the outcome of those deliberations.

There is also the question why the company council under the FFC bargaining agreement have not been able to represent those in the admin grades under “Red Book” terms.

As you can see there may be some potential legal claims against the company as a result of the reorganisation and therefore TSSA will support any new member through this process if they join us before 31st March 2015. Any new members after that date will, of course, be welcome but we cannot raise a legal claim on their behalf arising from this reorganisation.

Please encourage your colleagues to join TSSA so that they can benefit from support and advice through this process, join online at:

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