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GTR & Southern HQ and Support Employees Integration

15 April 2015

TSSA has met with representatives of the company to discuss the issues that have arisen from the recent consultations that have occurred in regard to the reorganisations.


At that meeting we sought clarification on the following issues:

Ø The next level of grades that report to the Executive grades should be in place by the end of April after which the process will commence in regard to those staff who have been identified or applying for positions from the closed listing pools. Everyone involved in this reorganisation will receive a letter from the company explaining where they currently stand in the process.

Ø The company are still emphatic that those who are identified into positions will have to complete an application form and attend interview. They did concede that those staff that do not reach the appropriate standard will not be appointed. However, they believed that this situation was only relevant to roles that were of a higher grade and had greater responsibility due to the increase in size of the new company. TSSA, however, believes that this may not be the case for all identified employees and members should therefore bring this to the immediate attention of TSSA to enable the issue to be raised with GTR.

Ø GTR are still insistent that those staff that are identified and successful in applying for a position will have to sign a new GTR contract. TSSA believes this to be grossly unfair and that GTR are using the reorganisation to gain harmonisation of Terms & Conditions following a TUPE transfer.

Ø Job descriptions will be provided to all staff before they are interviewed for a new position or before they are selected for a position in the new organisation.

Ø New positions have not been evaluated under a recognised process, but the employer believes that the new proposed grading structure will be more equitable than the current system used.

Ø GTR are reviewing the situation of unpaid hours worked for the current admin grades in the new franchise and will respond to TSSA on this matter in the near future.

Ø The company stated they did not intend to mislead TSSA on the issue of the reorganisation affecting those outside the Headquarters organisation. Their view is that it is better to have reorganised sooner rather than later and thus there may be more opportunities for those displaced to find an alternative position in the new franchise. TSSA, however, believes that this was a cost cutting exercise, rather than an organisational necessity.

Ø In regard to the retention of pay rates, the employer believes that the new pay bands in the grading structure MG1-MG4 will be enough to enable those dropping a grade to retain their rate of pay. Anyone in that scenario should contact TSSA immediately.

Ø Voluntary redundancy has been extended to the 30th June 2015.

Ø Employees who currently get first class travel will retain this on a personal basis. In future it will only apply to the new MG1 & MG2 grades.

Ø The current Southern management bonus will be paid before the end of the franchise. GTR management grades will receive the same bonus pro rata from September 2014 to June 2015. A new bonus scheme will start after the franchise has begun operating for management grades.

Ø Private health insurance will be provided to all MG3 grades and above.

Ø GTR still believe that 1.5 hours each way from home to work location is a reasonable alternative journey. TSSA, however, has reminded the employer of what we recognise as a reasonable journey which is an extra half hour each way, and no more than 1.25 hours each way.

TSSA has attached a pro forma for those who are going to a new work location. TSSA still believes we will have to look at each individual case to give advice. GTR Integration Travel Time Form

TSSA also has a further meeting arranged with a barrister to get a view on whether the reorganisational changes proposed are being used to circumnavigate the protection provided by a TUPE transfer and I will, of course, keep you informed of the outcome of those deliberations.

GTR have agreed that those staff in GTR on red book terms will have consultation with their respective Company Council reps. They would not, however, accept that currently for the Southern Band D grades.

As you can see there may be some potential legal claims against the company as a result of the reorganisation and therefore TSSA will support any current member.

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