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Muggers Charter Threat at GTR

26 April 2016

GTR are creating a "Muggers' Charter" with a new plan to move ticket office machines and staff onto concourses at 80 stations, the TSSA revealed today.

 Union leader Manuel Cortes accused the company of coming up with "a pig's ear" after losing the public consultation on closing the ticket offices, mainly on the Southern part of the franchise.

"They have now said they want to move staff onto concourses at these stations, a recipe for trouble when takings can run into hundreds of pounds cash at busy peak times.

"This will simply be a Muggers Charter with staff having no protection in times of trouble, a fact recognised by the company which says existing ticket offices would serve as a 'place of refuge' if staff are in trouble.

"We don't want places of refuge. We don't want them put at risk in the first place. This is the company making it up as it goes along.

"GTR are moving the goalposts because they have lost the consultation debate with the travelling public. These proposals should be ditched immediately."

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