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GWR: 2017 Pay Claim Have Your Say!

21 December 2016

TSSA’s Company Council Representatives will begin negotiating pay and conditions with GWR in March 2017. All TSSA members will receive an email invitation to complete a short electronic survey. The results will shape our claim for improved pay and conditions that we submit to GWR on your behalf for the 2017 pay talks. Please complete the survey by 9am on Thursday 12 January 2017.


Not received an invitation? Check details

If you have not received an email invitation, please first check your junk email folder and if you can't find the email then visit to check and update your contact details, job, workplace and grade details. Once these are updated we can email an invitation to you. If your details are up to date you can be confident that you will receive updates from our union as negotiations progress.

Please also contact Alan Valentine via email by clicking here so that we can arrange for the survey to be sent to you or if you require any assistance.

Recap on the last deal

In 2015 your input led to usagreeing a two-year deal for all grades, Year One (2015) being a 2% pay award and Year Two (2016) being February 2016 RPI or a 2% pay award (whicheverwas the greater). As RPI was 1.3% you received 2%.

As part of the pay awardGWRagreed to the following commitments:
- To work with the Trades Unions to explore harmonising pay anniversary dates from 2017
- To ensure all members of staff have access to HealthShield and the benefits of this service throughout the term of this pay deal
- That there will be no compulsory redundancies over the two years of this deal, running up to May 2017
- To review our offerings in regard to Maternity and Paternity provisions for colleagues.

Unfortunately to date we have not made progress with GWR on harmonising the pay anniversary dates or the review on maternity and paternity provisions for colleagues but we will continue work on this in 2017.

Your mandate to negotiate!

The more members that complete our survey, the more powerful our voice in setting the tone of negotiations at the bargaining table! Please take a couple of minutes to tell our Reps which issues are the most important to you. The survey also gives you an opportunity to get more involved in our union and help to negotiate the best deal for our members.

Don’t be left out!

If you have colleagues who aren’t in a union yet, make sure they join before the negotiations begin. New members can have a say in how we negotiate for improvements. If they want to take part in the survey it’s advisable that they Join online by 9am on Tuesday 10 January 2017.

If you aren’t in a union that’s recognised for your grade and you don’t want to be left out, join TSSA!

Lend a hand!

· Share TSSA newsletters by email and office noticeboards

· Tell your Rep how you feel

· No Rep in your team? Nominate a colleague or volunteer yourself and ask members to nominate you to represent them. Contact Alan Valentine via email by clicking here for more information

· Don’t forget we have a vacant Company Council position for non-management grades, whoever fills the role will be involved in these negotiations for more information see the communication sent to members on 7 December 2016 on our website by clicking here

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