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GWR 2017 Pay Referendum

6 June 2017


Update on talks

Since we last wrote to members in March your TSSA negotiating team has met twice with the company to discuss pay. On 26 April and 19 May.

At the April meeting the company proposed a 2 or 3-year inflation based offer with February’s Retail Prices index (RPI) equating to 3.2% for the first year followed up in years 2 and three by February’s RPI or 2% whichever is greater. The company clarified their proposed strings which were as follows:

· Updating the grievance procedure by removing one of the 3 stages

· Immediately moving X Wessex staff onto the Managing for attendance procedure from the current committee structure that reviews absences with commitments to then enter later talks to improve the procedure

· Removal of Stood off arrangements and parachute payments – (this process protects those who become medically restricted to carry out their current roles and gives commitments for the company to keep the individual employed by GWR whilst they seek to find alternative work, those with 10 years’ service continue to receive bac=sic pay for up to 2 years whilst this happens)

There were number of concerns expressed by representatives of all the trade unions at this offer mainly in relation to fairness and consistency and the staff side pushed back and suggested that GWR should make an offer of a 1 year deal with no strings at no less than 3.2%.

A further meeting was held in May where GWR went back to offering a 3-year deal again with strings including a proposal to move those on paper payslips onto electronic ones. Your company council representatives robustly challenged including these strings as GWR could approach us via the normal bargaining machinery to start talks on the various items and intimating that we may be able to recommend a 3-year deal w with no strings.

As such GWR have now offered:

“Year One (2017) a 3.2% pay award

Year Two (2018) February 2018 RPI or 2% pay award whichever is the greater

Year Three (2019) February 2019 RPI or 2% pay award whichever is the greater

The pay award would be effective from the relevant grade pay anniversary date. We will increase all the usual follow-throughs that are subject to the uplift of the annual pay award (e.g. London Weighting Allowance) on the same basis outlined above where applicable.

In addition to the above the Company will continue to ensure all members of staff have access to Health Shield and the benefits of this service throughout the term of the pay deal.”

Whilst the offer is for those covered by collective bargaining TSSA has asked for clarification if Management grades will receive the same offer we are still awaiting confirmation that they will but we would still be interested to hear our Management member’s opinions on the offer too.

TSSA will now put this offer out and recommend it to members, who will decide via an electronic referendum if they are happy to accept the offer or not. It is important that you all take part in this referendum to ensure we are fully representative of your views.

Please use the following link to participate


Please respond by 12 noon on Friday 23 June so that we can let GWR know your opinions in good time before payroll cut off.


Remember only TSSA members get a say in this referendum so encourage your colleagues to join today, it’s easy to do and can be done online at

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