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GWR 2017 Pay Referendum Outcome

27 June 2017

Thank you to all those TSSA members who made their voice heard and participated in the TSSA referendum on pay. TSSA has regularly sought our GWR member’s views in relation to pay deals to ensure that we only accept deals that you, our members are happy with.


Outcome of the Referendum

90% of members who participated in the referendum voted to accept the offer, therefore we have written to accept the deal for our members covered by collective bargaining. We have also asked that if other Unions don’t agree that any talks continue with the involvement of all trade unions and that GWR provided an updated list of pay rates for all of the grades and roles that are collectively bargained.

Unfortunately, GWR are yet to confirm if they intend to make the same offer to Management colleagues, TSSA will continue to push for fairness and parity. Ultimately it may come down to Managers being prepared to join TSSA en masse and collectively push for fairness for this to happen. Whilst we are still hopeful that GWR will see good sense in treating all their staff fairly it would far better to be in a strong position both now and in the future so please encourage your colleagues to Join TSSA at to strengthen our ability to fight for fairness on your behalf.

Theodore Roosevelt said “Nothing worth having comes Easy”, we at TSSA believe that whether you currently have collective bargaining now or not it is something that is worth having and it needs strong membership both to achieve and keep hold of. Ultimately you are all the masters of your own destiny by ensuring that your colleagues understand that the only way to be treated fairly and consistently is by Joining TSSA for the collective good. It may not seem easy to speak to your colleagues about joining us but it is certainly worthwhile doing for both you and your colleagues good in the long run.

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