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GWR: Director Receives up to 19% Pay Hike!

9 March 2017

Got your attention? According to the First Greater Western Limited Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016, the highest paid Director received an increase in basic pay of £36,000, equating to a 17.7% increase! After Reps raised this and other financial figures at the recent pay talks GWR still wouldn’t commit to assurances that Managers will get as much as other grades. Please read on and complete our survey at the end of this circular.


Did you receive a £160,000 Bonus?

No? Not only did the highest paid Director (unfortunately not named in the accounts) received

· Basic Pay of £239, 000 (up from £203k in 2015!)

· Bonus Pay increased to £160,000 (up 25% from £128,000 in 2015!).

· A total package (“Aggregated Emoluments”) of £411, 000 (up 19.8% from £343k!)

In a year when many managers received no recognition for the additional efforts that they make daily for the company these figures demonstrate that non-executive grade Managers truly are second, if not third, class citizens in the Great Western World.

TSSA: Your collective voice!

We believe you need a collective voice through a Trade Union (with resources independent of the company), able to do things like research company accounts and communicate the findings and fight the corner of all non-executive managers. We believe that our pay claim was a very simple and fair request which your company could easily meet:

“Parity and Fairness – TSSA are looking for any pay offer to be extended in its entirety to all grades inclusive of the Management grades and we are looking for early written commitment from GWR that this will be the case.”

For a copy of the full pay claim click here

GWR were not prepared to discuss Managers’ pay during the talks and when Alan Valentine (TSSA Full Time Officer) pointed out that their managers want clarity on how they will be treated the company refused to enter discussion or make any commitments.

TSSA is the only independent Trade union seeking fairness for managers across the company. We believe that the inequitable pay structures for managers have been ignored for far too long, where pay is a lottery set on divisive individual negotiations, rather than collective strength. We demand change!

It’s your choice – be a lone voice or part of a deafening choir!

If every management member recruited one management colleague who was a non-member today, overnight we would be able to demonstrate enough support for the principles of fairness, parity and equity for management grades. We could look to file for statutory recognition. Let’s be clear; if we do that and fail in the endeavour we will be frozen out and unable to pursue statutory recognition for another 3 years.

Winning recognition is possible and whilst it may not be easy, nothing in life that is worthwhile ever comes easy. To succeed we need your help. You all know colleagues across the business, some in TSSA others not please speak to them, ask them if they are happy to continue to be at the whim of the company or whether they want to be masters of their own collective destiny?

No, we didn’t always achieve everything that we wanted whilst we had collective bargaining, but we held back the tide against attacks from the company. We had a seat at the table to give you a voice. Help us to help you by encouraging your colleagues to join us so that together we can champion your issues and seek resolutions to the priorities for your grade. They can join us online today at -

Please encourage as many of your Management colleagues to complete this survey to help us help you -

Are you on a Wessex contract? Your pay anniversary date is 1st April if you are can you please email Alan Valentine by clicking here

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