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GWR: On Trains, Divisional Council Seat (RPI) Election

31 March 2017

The term of office for the TSSA Revenue Protection Inspector Representative on the On Trains Divisional Council Is due to expire in June this year, therefore we are writing out to members to call for nominations to close on 12 noon 28 April 2017.


On Trains, Divisional Council Seat

The 3-year term of office for TSSA’s Revenue Protection Inspector seat on the On Train Divisional council will expire in June 2017 and so it is due for re-election. Therefore, TSSA is now calling for Nominations for this position. Nominations will now be open until noon 28 April 2017.

To be eligible to stand you must be a Revenue Protection Inspector, a member of TSSA who has worked for GWR for more than 6 months and be willing to abide by TSSA Rules and policies.

You would be expected to be an advocate for all TSSA members in the constituency at Divisional council meetings, be involved in negotiations, consultations, individual representation of members, recruitment of non-members into the TSSA and providing support to other representatives where appropriate. GWR will give you paid release to attend training and perform your duties and TSSA will provide you with training and support from other representatives and the Full-time officer to ensure you can carry out your role.

If interested, you should complete and return the attached nomination form by 12 noon on Friday 28 April 2017. If we receive more than one nomination, then we there will need to be an election held which only TSSA members will get a vote in.

I have spoken to the current incumbent, Marlon Henry and he has indicated his intention to seek nominations again.

To get an electronic link to the nomination form please click here 

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