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Hands off our Pensions

21 March 2011

Hundreds of thousands of women in their 50s will now have to work longer before they get their state pension.

The Coalition government has gone back on their promise in the Coalition Agreement, and are delaying the state pension for
hundreds of thousands of women who are currently in their 50s.

This will mean that when they come to retire in their 60s, many
women will have to work for up to two years longer. This broken
promise is unfair, unnecessary and unacceptable. Almost 5
million people will be affected by the Tory-led government’s
new plans; in particular 500,000 women aged 56 and 57 will now
have to work for a year or longer, 33,000 will have to work for
two years longer before they can claim their state pension.
These women have very little time to prepare for losing over
£10,000 of the state pension income that they have worked hard

Click on the following link to email your MP and register your
protest now.

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