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Have your say on WMT Management Pay!

19 November 2019

Reps recommend 3% offer. Driver Manager talks ongoing

Download a printable copy of this circular for your noticeboard here:   Have your say on WMT Management Pay!

 As set out in our previous newsletter ( your reps received a pay offer for management grades that had unresolved issues concerns about the potential erosion of agreed pay differentials between Driver Managers and Driver Grades. After an initial meeting with the Head of Drivers and a company commitment to resolve the situation with an improved offer, we are now in a position to recommend an offer to members in PM1 and PM2 grades, except for Driver Managers, who will be subject to a separate process when an improved offer is made.

West Midlands Trains Management Grades (those with a pay anniversary date of 1 July), excluding Driver Managers are invited to vote in our online referendum.

Vote online here:

 Whether the majority of eligible TSSA members vote to accept or reject the offer below will determine whether we accept the terms set out below. If you are not already a TSSA member you can join online at so that your vote counts.

Our referendum closes noon on Thursday 28 November. Vote now to have your say!

Your reps recommend the following offer as the best available through negotiation.

WMT Management Grades (excluding Driver Managers) offer:

I am pleased to set out the Company’s final pay offer of a two year deal, effective 1st July 2019 following recent pay talks for Management Grades covered by collective bargaining, except for Driver Managers:

 1.       2019

 ·       An offer of 3% (based on February RPI of 2.5% + 0.5%);

·       Leaders to embrace the implementation of First Call and ensure Welfare Calls, Return to Work and all other MFA management actions are complete in line with timescales and policy and report sickness to First Call (notification of initial sickness);

·       A move to electronic payslips with a commitment to support those who require initial help although this support could also mean retention of a printed copy. New employees will receive electronic payslips as a matter of policy;

 2.       2020

 ·       An offer of 3% or February 2020 RPI whichever is greater;

 3.       Replacement of the current maternity, paternity and adoption policies with the improved Virgin policy for any eligible applications with a commencement date of 1st July 2019 or later.

 4.       Assurance of a Management Grade Company Council monthly meeting with a commitment to the following as agenda items:

 ·       Working together to achieve Disciplinary and Grievance policy timescales;

·       Introduction of a Capability/Performance Management Policy;

·       Discrepancies in hours of work ;

·       Annual Leave allocation of managers (Christmas).

 The offer is effective from 1st July 2019 inclusive of retrospective pay.

 Pensionable pay cap

In line with the pension and contribution contracting out changes from 1st April 2016 all salary increases will be subject to an annual pensionable pay cap which for 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 is 3.55% (September 2018 RPI plus 0.25%), with 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021 linked to September 2019 RPI plus 0.25%. Regional allowances will be included into the salary when the pensionable pay cap is being applied. Any additional increase above the annual cap during the year will be forward pensionable only, with separate restructuring premium tier amounts and dates based on the relevant salary change date. Pensionable tier information will be clearly shown on future annual pension statements.”


Vote online here:


Our referendum closes noon on Thursday 28 November. Vote now to have your say!


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