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Hazards Conference 2012 - 31 August to 2 September, Keele University

28 June 2012

The 23rd National Hazards Conference, entitled “Countering the attack on the safe workplace”, will be held at Keele University from 7.30pm on Friday 31 August until 12.30pm on Sunday 2 September. TSSA will this year be sending a delegation of health and safety reps. TSSA health and safety reps are therefore invited to apply for one of the 6 places on the delegation.

Hazards Conference is the UK’s biggest educational and organising event for trade union safety reps and activists, with a mixture of plenary sessions, debates, meetings and a comprehensive workshop programme. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange experience and information with delegates from a wide range of sectors and jobs.

Health and safety is under attack from the government. The government commissioned Professor Lofstedt to conduct a review of health and safety legislation as part of their war on ‘red tape’. Lofstedt disappointed the government by saying that, by and large, the system of health and safety regulation is about right. He also made a positive reference to trade union safety reps.

Despite this, the Prime Minister has described health and safety as "an albatross around the neck of British businesses" and pledged to make 2012 not just the year of the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee, but also "the year we get a lot of this pointless time-wasting out of the British economy and British life once and for all".

The Hazards Conference will address this continuing attack health and safety at work, and will discuss and debate what needs to be done to defend the right of workers to a safe workplace.

TSSA health and safety reps wishing to apply should complete the TSSA Education application form.  Please check the information for applicants before making an application.

Further information on the Hazards 2012 conference can be found on the Hazards Campaign website.

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