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Help us win Collective Bargaining at Amey

24 November 2011

Do your bit to help secure fairness and a better working life at Amey.

Help secure collective bargaining at Amey

If you are currently denied the benefits of Collective Bargaining, you will know that your pay and conditions are falling behind those whose terms and conditions are negotiated by TSSA.

This year, staff whose pay was not negotiated by TSSA received between 1% to 2.5% less uplift than those who are collectively bargained.

This is unfair and, if we allow the situation to continue, will get even worse year after year. This is our chance to put things right.

If you are lucky enough to be within the “recognised” group, you have seen our bargaining power weakened as staff are divided and numbers within the collective group eroded. It is in everyone’s interests to join together so we can have a stronger voice within Amey.

You will know that, as a result of our successful pay dispute, Amey have agreed to widen out collective bargaining as long as more than 40% of the staff in grades A-C are TSSA members by 16th December 2011.

You and your colleagues have the opportunity to be united on a level playing field for the first time. This is not a chance we can afford to miss.

Trainees, Apprentices & their Mentors matter

TSSA Learning Reps are working to provide training, support and advice to trainees, graduates and those who mentor them building a future for you and Amey. Enclosed is a flyer with more info for you to pass on to your colleagues. Contact Nell Andrew ( to find out more. Staff in training can join for only 50p a month until they qualify. What else could you buy that will have such a positive effect on your life for 12.5p per week?

Do your bit

Your Reps and TSSA Organisers have been meeting with Amey staff all across Britain to explain the position and ask people to join us. The response has been fantastic and our goal is drawing within sight.

You can do your bit too. Please take the enclosed membership form into work and encourage a colleague to join us to help achieve greater fairness and a better working life for all. Print this circular and show them. Or they can join online:

Print friendly version:   Help us win Recognition at Amey

United we bargain, divided we beg

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