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Holiday Pay Supplement - Network Rail

27 February 2018

Your TSSA Reps have negotiated improved holiday pay for Network Rail staff who work overtime.


 There are seperate agreements for Bands 5-8 and Bands 1-4 but these are almost identical.

We have been pressing Network Rail for some time to reach agreement on how they will comply with the new legal interpretation of the European Working Time Directive (WTD). This states that employees should be paid holiday pay based on their actual earnings, where they have worked voluntary overtime, rather than just basic pay. This is only for the 20 days minimum holidays set out in the WTD.

The proposed agreement with NR goes further than the law requires. We have won the argument that all overtime should be included and we have retained current ALA/ALP arrangements. We have also negotiated for back pay of the Holiday Pay Supplement (HPS) for 17 months – for the period August 2016 –December 2017.

You can view the details of the proposed deals here:

  HPS - General Grades - General Grades

  HPS - Mgmt Grades - Management Grades

Key points:

· ALA / ALP continue in their present form.

· If you work paid overtime, you will be eligible for the HPS payment.

· Holiday Pay Supplement (HPS) is the additional payment to bridge the gap between what ALA/ALP covers and average actual earnings for the first 20 days of a/l entitlement.

· The payment will be made annually in March based on average earnings over the reference period Jan-Dec of the previous year.

· New starters / leavers will be paid pro-rata.

· The calculation of HPS will not disadvantage those who accrue a/l in hours or days. Nor will those who work balanced rosters be disadvantaged. Nor p/t vs f/t employees.

· Backpay - 17 months to be paid out in March 2018.

· The "indemnity" on legal proceedings refers only to Dudley-Willetts claims and not to any other existing or potential claims for underpayment of annual leave. Given the payments being made by NR and the statutory timescales for ET claims, we do not believe that there are any eligible claims to pursue.

· The payments are being made annually due to the fact that NR claim their payroll systems are not robust enough to pay on a more regular basis.


We are giving all members the chance to vote on whether to accept the proposed deal.

As talks have dragged on up to the 11th hour (not untypically for NR), the vote will take place online and must be concluded by 08 March if we want the back pay to be included in the March payroll.

All members with a valid email address recorded on our membership system will receive a link to the voting page on the web.

If you haven’t received an email, please check and update your details via the MyTSSA page on our website. Then let the Helpdesk know you need to be sent your link to vote.

While the proposed agreement on HPS is not perfect, your Reps believe that it represents a reasonable deal given the circumstances. We are therefore recommending that you vote to accept.

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