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HS2 announcement shows Tories' lack of support for British industry

22 June 2017

Responding to news that Chinese, French and Italian state owned companies are all bidding to run HS2 trains, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

"This HS2 announcement shows just why the Tory government can't  be trusted to take back control of any of our assets for Britain.

Rather than build a home-grown Britsh based high speed team to run HS2, they are prepared to hand over the keys to companies owned by the French, Chinese and Italian government.

The last general election result has left the Tories with no mandate to continue using their Tory legislation which has enabled Britain's rail industry to be colonised by rail imperialist nations. Labour's alternative of our people owning our railways is both popular and right. The resistance is growing. Bring on the next Labour government which will return Britain's rail companies to assets that work in the British interest."

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