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HS2 - Election of TSSA workplace representatives

3 April 2018

As you might be aware, the TSSA and HS2 have now signed a memorandum of understanding, which allows the TSSA certain rights within the workplace. One of these rights is giving support to our elected representatives to undertake their role in the workplace. As a union, we must now elect our workplace representatives at HS2 to help build a stronger union!

Role of the workplace representative

The role of a workplace representative is to lead the union in the workplace, liaise with members on workplace issues and to represent the union’s interests to HS2 management. A key role of the workplace representative is to help build the power of the TSSA in the workplace and look at ways to help recruit new TSSA members.

TSSA has a comprehensive training program for all our elected representatives to make sure they have all the skills they need to do the job.

If you would like more information about our training program, you can visit

Election of Workplace Representatives

We have now opened the nominations for workplace representatives at HS2. There are three positions vacant. Of the three positions, one will be Birmingham based. The initial term for these representatives will be one year. The TSSA will hold another workplace representative election in a year’s time.

There will be a three-week nominating process where nominations are open. This period will also involve forwarding on candidate statements to all TSSA HS2 members, so you can make an informed choice about who you wish to elect as your representatives. If there are more than three nominations for workplace representatives, the TSSA will hold an election over a two-week period.

The nomination process is now open. Please see attached form if you are interested in nominating. Completed nomination forms should be scanned and sent by email to, and must be received by noon on Friday 20 April 2018.

Timeframe for election

29 March: Nominations for HS2 workplace representatives open

From 29 March to 20 April: Call for statements from nominated workplace representatives which will be forwarded to all HS2 TSSA Members.

20 April to 4 May: Elections will be held over a two-week period if there are more than three nominations for the three vacant positions of workplace representatives at HS2.

We will be back in touch with you through this process. However, if you have any questions or issues, please refer them to TSSA Organising Director Nadine Rae via or 07713 395 850.

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