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HS2 Ltd recognise TSSA union for direct employees

26 March 2019

TSSA is delighted to announce HS2 Ltd's current and future workforce will be able to benefit from union recognition.

There are already over 1200 members of staff directly employed by HS2 Ltd which is headquartered in Birmingham.

All current staff will be eligible to become part of our TSSA famlily and benefit from our unions 122 years history dedicated to protecting the safety, conditions and pay of white collar and professional rail industry staff.

Said Manuel Cortes, “I am delighted that HS2 have granted us recognition rights for their staff with this groundbreaking agreement. And I really look forward to welcoming their staff into our TSSA family.

“I pay tribute to HS2 for the welcome they are extending to our union and I applaud their commitment to their current and future staff by enabling them to have collective union representation. Enlightened employers know unions are a vital component of good employment practice. Future employees will know that when they join HS2 Ltd their employer has pledged to work with us to ensure beacon employment practices for them.

“It is of course a huge boost for Britain that HS2 will create thousands of additional jobs in it’s supply chain. But HS2 is so much more than a much needed jobs boost for Britain. HS2 will create better connected cities and unleash the economic potential of the midlands and the North. It is an essential pillar of our country's modernisation.

“Without it, there can be no Northern Powerhouse or Midlands Engine. It is a vital part of long-term plans made by local authorities and business partnerships in the North and the Midlands and underpins all scheduled future investment programmes. Without it, there will be no rebalancing of Britain’s economy.

“Our union has long supported the expansion of Britain's railways as green drivers of economic regeneration. In taking on our role as union representatives for HS2’s workforce, we will continue to champion the need for continued investment in high-speed rail. We need HS2 to run a spine the length of Britain taking its benefits to Scotland and powering east-west cross country train links that will deliver the transport links needed to reboot our economy and grow future jobs beyond the rail sector - and beyond the south east.

“We are determined to work in partnership with HS2 to ensure that its workforce is as diverse as our country. The National College for High Speed Rail in Doncaster and Birmingham will deliver the new generation of engineers that Britain so badly needs to succeed in the 21st Century. I am really excited by the prospect of working jointly with HS2 Ltd to help deliver this transformative economic and industrial project".

Mark Thurston, Chief Executive of HS2 Ltd said: “I’m delighted that we will be working with the TSSA. It has a great history of supporting people in the rail sector. We know that the success of HS2 will be built on the talent of our people, and creating a diverse workforce is crucial to ensuring we are an innovative and dynamic organisation. The TSSA and HS2 Ltd are committed to this goal.

“Work is well underway on HS2 with thousands of jobs across the country supporting its delivery. Once completed HS2 will connect 25 towns and cities from Scotland to the South East, with the West Midlands at the heart of this network. It takes intercity trains off the existing lines, creating more space for extra commuter trains. It takes lorries off the road as freight moves to rail, creating more space for the drivers on our motorways. There is something in HS2 for every traveller.“

Note to desks:

* HS2 will be 351 miles of new track linking London to Birmingham and Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds. We haven’t built a new railway north of London for over 120 years.

* Work on HS2 Phase One is already underway with 7,000 jobs supported by the programme and 2,000 business (70% of which are SMEs) already having delivered work on the delivery of the new railway.

* Phase One is scheduled to open in 2026, and the full network further north in 2033. Once complete HS2 will serve over 25 stations from Scotland to the South East, better connecting 30 million people.

* Journeys on intercity trains have doubled from 1997 to 2013 to 128 million a year. Parts of the west coast mainline are full in terms of the number of trains they can carry, many of which are full to overflowing.

* All rail journeys have doubled from 1995 to 2012 from 750 million a year to 1.5 billion a year.

* HS2 will treble the number of peak hour seats at Euston from 11,300 to, up to 34,900. That’s the equivalent of a full house at Pride Park - home of Derby County FC. It will also at least double the capacity to stations in Leeds and Manchester on key routes.

* Up to 18 trains will run per hour in each direction each carrying as many as 1,100 passengers.

* HS2 frees up capacity for freight on the existing rail network, with every extra freight train taking 75 lorries off the road.

* Network Rail say HS2 could bring benefits to over 100 towns and cities across the country be enabling new commuter and intercity services on existing lines.

* The stations in Leeds, Sheffield, East Midlands and Birmingham will each be separated by a journey of less than 20 minutes.

* HS2 will support over 100,000 jobs. The Core Cities group estimate this could be as many as 400,000 jobs. A report by Centro said 50,000 jobs in Birmingham alone.

* 70% of jobs created by HS2 are expected to be outside of London.

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