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HS2 must not become 'a rich man's toy' warns TSSA

25 November 2013

The new HS2 £50 billion railway line must not become a "Rich Man's Toy" used just by affluent businessmen, the TSSA warned today.

Welcoming the publication of the Hybrid Bill, union leader Manuel Cortes called for the line to be kept in the public sector with affordable fares for everyone.

"This is a railway being paid for by every taxpayer in Britain and everyone should be able to afford to travel on it.

"We do not want a repeat of our current system whereby someone earning just £10,000 a year is subsidising the likes of billionaire tax exile Sir Richard Branson to provide sky high fares on the West Coast line.

"This must not become a rich man's toy, solely for the benefit of businessmen. If we are serious about ending the North-South divide, it should be kept in the public sector for the benefit of the public who will pay to build it."

He said the line was vital to avoid overcrowding on the existing network and on environmental grounds.

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