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Dublin Bus: Industrial Action planned by other unions

31 July 2013

If other unions take industrial strike action on Sunday in response to the company’s attack on all our terms and conditions, The TSSA view the company’s actions as unreasonable and unacceptable and have been firmly rejected by TSSA members.

Although we cannot encourage official industrial action until such time as our official ballot has concluded, we encourage all TSSA members to stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with the other unions in protecting our terms and conditions.

We are conscious that in the past, Dublin Bus has sought to minimise the effect of industrial action on strike days by asking other staff to undertake duties that are normally undertaken by strikers.

In particular, we are concerned that Managers may be asked to encourage staff to cross picket lines, drive buses, or undertake other duties normally carried out by the other union graded staff. If this happens to you, please report it immediately to your Reps or myself.

It is even more important that you do not undertake safety critical work unless you are fully trained, knowledgeable, and familiarised with the work and location. You have a legal responsibility not to put yourself or others in danger, so please do not do it.

Members are advised not to agree to undertake any duties that could not be regarded as part of their job description and/or have not in the past been undertaken by them in their current post.

After prolonged negotiations our members expressed their democratic mandate to reject the Labour Court Recommendations. We believe that Dublin Bus should respect your voice and not unilaterally implement changes to your terms and conditions without agreement from your trade unions.

Please report any attempt to bully, bribe, or cajole our members into strike breaking activities.

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