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Iarnród Éireann Cost Containment Agreement Annual leave

23 November 2012

Please see below the Annual leave clause from the Iarnród Éireann Cost Containment Agreement.

An immediate reduction of 25% in the accrual of banked annual leave is required. In essence, annual leave carried over into 2012 will be reduced by 25% for all colleagues, subject to a permissible minimum carry-over of 3 days. E.g, an individual carrying over 27 days would be reduced by 6 days. (27-3=24x25%=6) 

The TSSA office has been contacted by members on this issue as there appears to be some confusion on how this clause is to be implemented.
For clarification this clause is only for the year 2012 and is not to be on going into 2013. If you have accrued annual leave this year then it carries over as per normal procedures into 2013. Many members have stated that they have been told that they are being told that they are only allowed to carry 3 days over into 2013, this is incorrect. If you accrue annual leave this year then it carries over into next year. 

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