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Iarnród Éireann cost recovery meetings

13 December 2011

The various trade unions at Iarnród Éireann have continued to meet with the management on the current financial situation of the organisation with a view to reaching an agreement on a cost recovery plan.

As of yet no agreement has been made.

Under the independent Chairman Jack Nash (retired member of the labour court) both the unions and the company agreed an agenda for further discussions. For your information below is the agreed agenda.

Subsistence allowances/expenses
Illness self certification/welfare scheme
Redeployment of surplus staff
Non filling of vacancies across all grades (29 B)
Voluntary severance schemes
Loss of earnings
Representational arrangements.

Management indicated that the organisation faced difficult times due to the current economic climate.

The TSSA continues to clearly state that we would strongly resist any attempt to impose pay cuts. TSSA as a union also stressed we would only engage in a process that sort to protect the job security and terms and conditions of our members.

Further meetings are scheduled and if any progress is made on the agenda items we will communicate those to TSSA members in Iarnród Éireann



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