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Iarnród Éireann: VS Update

14 October 2013

TSSA along with the other trade unions meet with the company to look at the on-going issue of the voluntary severance. This issue has to be seen in the wider context of the cost containment process.

The TSSA along with the other unions have been informed that no funding is now available for VS until possibly the beginning of next year and therefore no further exits would be processed this year.

We are very disappointed in this latest development. This behaviour by Iarnród Éireann is a real kick in the teeth for those people that had entered this process in good faith and had been given exit dates to leave the organisation on VS. It appears that pressure is being applied by the Department to alter the VS terms to reflect a package more in line with those of the HSE. This would give us grave concern as those terms would be less favourable than the current terms. The company has already attempted to alter the terms of VS by including additional pension costs onto members as they exit therefore reducing the final pay-out. This change to the VS scheme has our current members now facing less favourable treatment than those that availed of the VS package before these changes were unilaterally imposed. We have raised this issue with the company as we see it as a fundamental breach of the agreement we have around VS.

Throughout the whole cost containment process the VS was a core component to achieve savings. The altering and changing of the VS gives us concerns that savings that were planned for will not be achieved and bring more pressure on the organisation to look for further cuts.

The TSSA is of the view that although we are willingly to return to the Labour Relations Commission this can only occur once the issue of VS has been dealt with first. This issue is significant as it clearly demonstrates one of the reasons why members have a fundamental issue of loss of trust and confidence in the company that contributed to the NO vote in the ballot for cost containment 2.

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