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Iarnrod Eireann – Update Monthly Pay & Paytalks

9 June 2017

The issue of monthly pay has been referred to the workplace relations commission. The company have continued to ignore the trade union objections to them forcing members to change without agreement. This has left us no choice but to refer this issue to a third party.


We advise members if they are not agreeable to change that they make this clear to management and HR. By doing so any changes imposed is done under protest while we engage with a third party to attempt to resolve the issue.

It is extremely disappointing that the company would continue to pursue an industrial relations strategy that is based on coercion and confrontation rather than engaging in genuine dialogue.

Pay Talks

Iarnrod Eireann continues to refuse our reasonable claim for a pay rise for members. In its supplementary submission to the labour court the company continue to express the view that they remain in a serious financial difficulty.

Iarnrod Eireann continue to cry poverty. This ignores the facts that through the cost containment measures and reductions in staff levels the company are enjoying growth in passenger numbers and revenue.

If management continues to maintain a position of crying poverty and not recognising the contribution of staff over the last 9 years and not implementing a fair and reasonable pay award, then we are sadly heading for industrial turmoil.

It is up the company to see sense and engage constructively with a view to delivering on our pay claim.

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