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Iarnród Éireann update: meeting with Chief Executive

23 March 2012

You would have recently received a communication from your Chief Executive Dick Fearn in which he talked about the challenges facing the organisation.

In light of this the various trade unions at Iarnród Éireann meet with Dick Fearn and senior management to discuss the current financial situation of the organisation. No decisions were taken at this meeting, this meeting was a opportunity for the company to outline the current financial situation.

Management outlined that the company continued to face difficult times due to the current economic climate. The current climate has seen a reduction in revenue due to passenger numbers being down and the decision of the government to reduce the subvention allocated to Iarnród Éireann has also been a significant negative impact.

During the meeting it was agreed that any talks need to have as a core principle the protection of pay and job security for the future. It was agreed that unions and the company would continue to meet to look at ways of dealing with the financial challenges.

Further meetings will involve looking at issues such as subsistence allowances/expenses, redeployment of surplus staff, voluntary severance schemes and career breaks.

The TSSA continues too clearly state that we would only engage in a process that sort to protect the job security and pay of our members.

Further meetings are scheduled and if any progress is made on the agenda items we will communicate those to TSSA members in Iarnród Éireann



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