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If Tories can nationalise Northern SNP should nationalise ScotRail

29 January 2020

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes today warned against complacency over ScotRail's improvements and called on the SNP to follow the Tories' example over Northern and nationalise the railway immediately.

Cortes said, “ScotRail’s 9% improvement came after its worst run in punctuality and reliability in 25 years. Abellio could hardly have done worse! Like many ScotRail trains this improvement in service was long overdue.

“I want to pay tribute to all the ScotRail staff whose hard work – often under immense pressure- has made this improvement possible. It is down to the efforts of staff both in ticket offices, platforms and trains as well as behind the scenes, that ScotRail has seen such a dramatic improvement in services.

“The years of falling service levels were due to chronic and deliberate understaffing. Sadly, it seems that Abellio have not learned the lessons from their mistakes as they now have plans on the table to cut staff in travel shops, which can only mean poorer services for customers once more.

“Passenger satisfaction levels have only improved because of the commitment and hard work of operational staff such as those in the travel shops. If ScotRail are serious about continuing to improve their passenger service, then they need to drop their plans to cut our members’ jobs.

“Of course the best way to ensure ScotRail services continue to improve is to take it into public ownership right away and keep it there. If the Tories can bring themselves to run Northern in public ownership it’s not a lot to ask for the SNP to do likewise and end the ScotRail misery story.”

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