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Important Information: Ground Staff

7 March 2017

A referendum ballot on the “New Ground Staff Hand Book” will open next Monday 13th March 2017 and will close at 1600 hours on Friday 24th March 2017. The result will be announced on Monday 27th March 2017.

All TS4 & TS5 Ground Staff members will be eligible to vote regardless of whether you have applied for voluntary redundancy or not. The reason for this is because as yet no-one who has applied for VRS has been confirmed by the Company. You will be asked to vote on whether or not you accept the “New” Hand Book terms & conditions.

It is absolutely essential that you complete the ballot form in full. The only person to have sight of your returned ballot form is me, Tracy Wines, your full time officer. I need to able to ensure that those who vote are indeed in the correct grade. I also need to be able to cross-reference your names to those given to me by the Company as “leavers under VRS terms”.

The vote will be given to the Company two ways. The first will be the vote delivered by ALL TS4 and TS5 Ground staff members and the other will have those that applied for VRS discounted.

It is essential that TSSA has your correct grade and home address on our membership database; otherwise you will NOT receive a ballot form. You can contact me directly via email: or our membership department at:

A copy of the Hand Book will be sent out with your ballot form, but copies are available now from your staff reps.

You Will Decide
The outcome of the ballot will be based on a majority vote/outcome. It is imperative that all members vote to ensure the decision is fully reflective of all those affected.

If you require any further questions please contact your staff reps:
Doncaster - Mark Smith-07557494238
East - Nigel Foote (based at Immingham)-07501010176
West & Scotland – John Fairbrother –07799336183
South – Barry Chilmaid – 07799336223
Wales & South West – Phil Griffiths - 07776202181

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