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Important legal advice for TSSA members in DB Cargo

28 June 2017

TSSA has asked DB Cargo to delay its implementation date of 2nd July for the commencement of the “new organisation” until all issues can be resolved. These issues include; rosters, consultation on new HUBS and roles and most importantly your contracts of employment. New terms & conditions, which DBC are calling policies, also need to be formally agreed by all the recognised trade unions too. DB Cargo have refused to delay their “go live” date of 2nd July and are therefore going ahead regardless. TSSA has sought legal advice on the proposed contract of employment DB Cargo want to introduce for its staff and quite frankly, we believe that certain elements of that contract are/will be detrimental to our members.


TSSA’s priority now is to protect its members interests until DB Cargo are prepared to meet with us to resolve these issues.
TSSA has sought legal advice for its’ members and it is essential you follow this to protect yourselves, that advice is as follows:

What you need to do

All members need to put in writing to the Company, via email, before 2nd July 2017 the following statement:

'When I <insert your name> based at <insert your location> take up my position of <insert your role> on 2nd July 2017 I will do so on my existing contract of employment and existing T&Cs.'


Rosters that cannot be agreed locally between local staff, reps and managers need to be formally recorded as “failed to agree” and sent to the CDM and Company Council reps. These will then be negotiated and discussed at company level.

TSSA has reached an agreement with DB Cargo which will give the Company a 12-week period between now and 30th September 2017 to train staff in new roles and for a review on staffing numbers across many locations. The agreement is that by 1st October 2017 all rosters will adhere to the agreed principals set out in the Hand Book. If for whatever reason rosters cannot be adhered to by 30th September 2017, then TSSA shall formally register a dispute with DB Cargo.

I would encourage all staff to get involved in discussing rosters with local managers to reach a mutually agreeable way forward.

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