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Inaugural Meeting of the Network Rail London South Branch at Waterloo General Offices - Thursday 12th November 2015 at 1700hrs

23 October 2015

Your Union is launching a TSSA Branch to better support our Network Rail members in South London and the Greater London Area. If you are TSSA member in Network Rail South of the River in Central London (Including Victoria), at Waterloo or the Cottons Centre and anywhere in the South Greater London Area and beyond then join us for the launch of your Union Branch.


Please come along to get involved in your Union and hear about what TSSA is doing in the face of current challenges, hear from guest speakers from the Union and discuss the company’s unilateral proposals to cut your pensions.


Venue - Waterloo General Offices

Room - 223 - 225, Floor 2, Suite 2

Date - Thursday 12th November 2015

Time - 1700 – 1900


You will be able to meet your Network Rail Reps from Projects and Routes within the area, to elect Branch Officers and most importantly to discuss and get the latest information on current issues for all Network Rail Staff. If you want to know more about TSSA or what your Branch does for TSSA members then do come along to the meeting where you can find out more.

An Agenda for the meeting can be downloaded here Branch AGM 680 Agenda Nov 2015, and if you are interested in getting involved in the running of the Branch you can nominate as a Branch Officer using a nomination form here Branch Nomination Form, which you can either bring to the start of the meeting or forward direct to us via this email link

We will be seeking nomination for the following roles:

  • Branch Correspondence Secretary
  • Branch Financial Secretary
  • Branch Chair
  • Branch Organisers - from different workplaces who will be able to report local workplace issues and activity to future Branch meetings

TSSA is actively supporting all staff in Network Rail; and the key to supporting our members is the TSSA Union Branch having a link to workplaces issues.

The TSSA Branch is an opportunity for you to meet to discuss workplace issues and meet TSSA Union representatives and organisers. They are the forum for all our members in the industry to converge and meet to discuss your issues in the area.

We do hope to see you there.

If you are unsure which TSSA Branch you belong to, then you can find this out by creating a My TSSA account online, which will only take a few minutes:

1. Go to

2. Log in through facebook or create a mytssa account

3.Check and update your work or contact details then find out information about your membership and TSSA branch

Not a TSSA member? then join us online

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