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Injured TSSA member awarded £62,500

6 January 2014

A TSSA member who was injured in a road traffic accident has been awarded £62,500 compensation after receiving help from Morrish Solicitors.


John, from South Yorkshire, was cycling home from work in 2008 when he was involved in an accident with an HGV, causing him to be propelled into the road. Emergency services were called immediately and he was taken to the hospital. John underwent treatment for shock and soft tissue injuries to his head, neck, right shoulder, back and right hand. Investigations into the accident proved that the defendant, who was travelling in the opposite direction, was making a right turn across John’s path. The defendant claimed that he did not see our member until it was too late. There was a failure of basic road safety on the defendant’s behalf, as he did not observe John’s presence, position or direction. An initial 50/50 offer on liability was put forward by the defendant’s insurers, which was rejected. Liability was eventually admitted in full by the defendant’s representatives.

Along with the soft tissue damage to his neck, back and hand, the member later developed tinnitus, headaches and suffered psychological injury, which required extensive counselling. This resulted in John having to take weeks off of work and requiring care and assistance that was provided by members of his family following the accident.

Morrish Solicitors initially obtained medical evidence from a consultant in accident and emergency medicine and consultant neurologist who confirmed that our member’s physical injuries and symptoms were as a result of the accident. A consultant psychologist was later instructed, who confirmed that he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and would require ongoing treatment. Court proceedings were issued as the defendant was not prepared to fund the cost of the member’s ongoing medical treatment, even though liability for the accident was admitted.

An initial settlement offer was put forward in February 2011 for £16,000, followed by a further offer of £27,500 that December. This was finally increased at a joint settlement meeting, which took place in September this year to a full and final settlement of £62,500. This was inclusive of the member’s financial losses suffered as a result of the accident and the claim for injury.

John said: “The individual solicitors worked extremely hard and in a most professional way giving me outstanding guidance and support, which helped me through this most traumatic time in my life. I need to thank them very much. Morrish solicitors gave invaluable assistance and managed to settle my claim for compensation in a competent and satisfactory manner. Please accept my sincerest thanks and wholehearted appreciation for all of their hard work throughout my claim for compensation.”

• Based on a real life case. Certain details have been altered to protect the identity of the victim. Morrish Solicitors offers free personal injury legal advice for TSSA members and their immediate families. You can call them on 0800 093 0353. Morrish Solicitors is a Limited Liability Partnership and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

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