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Interim Arrangements for the Election of General Secretary

10 October 2011

It will be noted that the term of the current General Secretary will end on Monday 14th November 2011.

The Association’s Executive Committee recently gave consideration to the interim arrangements to apply for the carrying out of the General Secretary’s duties (Rule 5(a)) over the period from Tuesday 15th November 2011 to Sunday 1st January 2012. The term of office for the new General Secretary would begin on 2nd January 2012.

In the event that there is only one nominee at the close of nominations on 14th November 2011 the individual concerned will be elected unopposed and will immediately take up the duties of the General Secretary as "General Secretary Elect" until the term of office formally begins on 2nd January 2012.

However, in the event that a ballot is required the Executive Committee has appointed the Assistant General Secretary, as the most senior member of the paid staff, as Acting General Secretary to cover the period from 15th November to 2nd January 2012.

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