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Invensysrail: Ballot Results

10 October 2012

TSSA members reject Pay offer and the way you and your company council have been treated by the company during pay talks.


Referendum Ballot results

You have spoken and told us in no uncertain terms that the Pay offer being tabled by the company is wholly unacceptable. 45% of members returned a ballot form which is an amazing turn out, you were asked 3 questions and responded as follows:

1. Do you reject the company's latest offer?

Yes = 93%, No = 7%

2. Do you reject the company's treatment of you and the company
council during these talks?

Yes = 100%, No = 0%

3. Are you prepared to be balloted for Industrial Action over
the above issues?

Yes = 93%, No = 7%

It is very rare to see such a high proportion of members so vehemently opposed to an offer made by a company which is why Your TSSA representatives have asked for dates to meet with the company as soon as possible.

Next Steps

Whilst we hope to settle this dispute through Negotiation, the tactics employed by the company thus far have not given us full confidence that they will deal with you fairly. You have given us the ability to ballot you for industrial action and as such we will use that mandate if the company fails to move it’s position.

It is clear that together we are stronger and so this is why it is imperative that we continue to build our strength and get others to join a trade union, only members of a Trade union can be balloted and have a say in any meaningful way as you cannot rely on the company to play fair so please ask a non-member to join today and get them to go online at

Together we Bargain divided we Beg!

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